Portfolio of Work

Reproduction pieces and original designs

This gallery is only a small representation of my body of work. Contact me for quotes on custom architectural or furniture projects from the Pilgrim through Art Deco eras.

Mid-century Modern Bar2018-07-09T08:46:54-04:00
17th Century Box2018-06-11T12:37:46-04:00
17th Century Box
Goddard Corner Chair2017-10-13T16:19:25-04:00
Newport Highboy2017-10-13T16:18:26-04:00
Newport Highboy
Turret Tea Table2017-08-22T09:18:47-04:00
Turret Tea Table
Rococo Mirror2017-08-26T14:26:12-04:00
Rococo Mirror
Newport Goddard Tea Table2017-08-22T09:18:59-04:00
Newport Goddard Tea Table
Salem Lowboy2017-08-22T09:19:06-04:00
Salem Lowboy
Welch Type Gilded Frame2017-08-22T09:19:16-04:00
Welch Type Gilded Frame
Townsend Valuables Chest2017-08-22T09:19:25-04:00
John Townsend Valuables Chest
Philadelphia Spice Cabinet2017-08-23T08:41:48-04:00
philadelphia Spice Cabinet
Langley Boardman Chest2017-08-22T09:19:44-04:00
Federal Veneered Chest
Shell and Pearls Carving2017-08-22T09:19:50-04:00
Shell and Pearls
Carved Capital2017-08-26T14:19:20-04:00
Carved Capital
Carved Brackets2017-08-26T14:19:14-04:00
Carved Brackets
McIntire Garden House2017-08-26T14:19:08-04:00
McIntire Garden House
Seaweed Fireplace Surround2017-08-26T14:19:02-04:00
Seaweed Fireplace Surround
Octopus Mantle Carving2017-08-26T11:38:59-04:00
Octopus Mantle Carving Detail