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  • Six Legged Highboy - Legs

Six Legged Highboy – Part One

February 25th, 2018|

My wife has wanted a 6 legged William and Mary highboy forever. I am finally chipping away at it bit by bit. The process is interesting, so here is what I have so far.I started out by turning the six legs from some beautiful air dried walnut. The legs are made in two parts so the dowels on the feet can pass through the stretchers and up into the legs, holding the stretchers in place.Here the legs have been turned and bored. The feet are not glued into the legs. The top of each leg has a pin that will [...]

  • Marking Gauges

A Broccoli Car

Do you have a special car that you bought that you only use to go out and buy broccoli? Do [...]

  • wooden planes

There’s Something About Fill in The Blank

There’s something about wooden planes. There’s something about a really nice piece of clear pine. There’s something about riving out [...]

  • assorted scrapers for cabinetmaking

The Mighty Scraper

The basic scraper is a piece of metal, sharpened on the edges and held in the hand or in [...]

  • How to Measure with Carving Tools 10

How to Measure with Carving Tools

There can be a lot of drawing involved in the carving process, as some guidelines are needed to set you [...]



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