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  • How to Measure with Carving Tools 10

How to Measure with Carving Tools

September 15th, 2017|Comments Off on How to Measure with Carving Tools

There can be a lot of drawing involved in the carving process, as some guidelines are needed to set you off on the right track. When copying old work or designing new, the most efficient designs to carve will be ones where the shapes of the carved elements correspond to tools that you have. In this sequence of a draw front carving, the shapes created will be made with one cut of the appropriate tool. Here the central flower has been laid out. From a full size photo of the original work, I determined that an 8-30 was used to [...]

  • Queen Anne Side Chairs for Dollhouse

Make Me a Little Furniture

I have never had the least interest in making tiny furniture. For the same amount of work I could make [...]

  • Rococo Mirror Ruffle

Unraveling Rococo

The most familiar bunch of furniture that decorative arts people would know as "Chippendale" actually falls under the Rococo style. [...]

  • Newport Highboy

Merging Moldings

This is one of those instances where you may not hear me say "Don't worry, we'll just get another piece [...]

  • Ball and Claw carving step seven

How to Think About Carving

Being able to rewind the clock and figure out what the first moves a carver made on any given project [...]



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