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  • Custom Built Woodworking Plane

Make Your Own Woodworking Tools

March 26th, 2018|

As a woodworker there are a few times when you need something unusual or just in a hurry, and these are the times you need to just make tools for yourself. Here are some examples of tools I’ve made on the fly. This plane I made for making a curved dado in the frame of a door that had a tombstone panel in it. The top rail needed a semicircular dado, and I didn’t want to use a router, and chiseling it out just seemed a little too Neanderthal, so I made this small plane with a curved sole [...]

  • Six Legged Highboy - Legs

Six Legged Highboy – Part One

My wife has wanted a 6 legged William and Mary highboy forever. I am finally chipping away at it bit [...]

  • Marking Gauges

A Broccoli Car

Do you have a special car that you bought that you only use to go out and buy broccoli? Do [...]

  • wooden planes

There’s Something About Fill in The Blank

There’s something about wooden planes. There’s something about a really nice piece of clear pine. There’s something about riving out [...]

  • assorted scrapers for cabinetmaking

The Mighty Scraper

The basic scraper is a piece of metal, sharpened on the edges and held in the hand or in [...]



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