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  • Marking Gauges

A Broccoli Car

January 11th, 2018|

Do you have a special car that you bought that you only use to go out and buy broccoli? Do you have a special refrigerator at home only for the purpose of cooling the broccoli? Of course you don’t. That’s because any old car can carry broccoli and you can put it in the fridge with the tomatoes; they don’t care. It is with some hesitation that I bring this up, but do you have a screwdriver specially made to adjust the screws on your bronze plane? And do you have a special little bag to carry your plane around [...]

  • wooden planes

There’s Something About Fill in The Blank

There’s something about wooden planes. There’s something about a really nice piece of clear pine. There’s something about riving out [...]

  • assorted scrapers for cabinetmaking

The Mighty Scraper

The basic scraper is a piece of metal, sharpened on the edges and held in the hand or in [...]

  • How to Measure with Carving Tools 10

How to Measure with Carving Tools

There can be a lot of drawing involved in the carving process, as some guidelines are needed to set you [...]

  • Queen Anne Side Chairs for Dollhouse

Make Me a Little Furniture

I have never had the least interest in making tiny furniture. For the same amount of work I could make [...]



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