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  • wooden planes

There’s Something About Fill in The Blank

November 20th, 2017|Comments Off on There’s Something About Fill in The Blank

There’s something about wooden planes. There’s something about a really nice piece of clear pine. There’s something about riving out a beautiful piece of red oak. There’s something about turning a blank of year old air dried white birch. There’s something about a real plastered wall in an old house instead of sheetrock. There’s something about a hand blown decanter. There’s something about a 150 year old mug for your tea. So, what’s the “something”? What do these things have in common that draws me to them? As a historian and a craftsman, it’s a combination of things, sometimes tactile, [...]

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The Mighty Scraper

The basic scraper is a piece of metal, sharpened on the edges and held in the hand or in [...]

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How to Measure with Carving Tools

There can be a lot of drawing involved in the carving process, as some guidelines are needed to set you [...]

  • Queen Anne Side Chairs for Dollhouse

Make Me a Little Furniture

I have never had the least interest in making tiny furniture. For the same amount of work I could make [...]

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Unraveling Rococo

The most familiar bunch of furniture that decorative arts people would know as "Chippendale" actually falls under the Rococo style. [...]



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