Small Chest of Draws

A practical little chest that is great practice for period hand tool construction and small enough to live on a bookshelf.
June 13 – June 17, 2022

Sometimes it’s a good idea to start out small when learning how to build something. The techniques and tools are basically the same no matter what the size and you use a lot less wood and bench space in the process.

This small 18th century chest is an exact copy of an original, measuring only 15 ½” wide by 10 ¾” high by 8 ½” deep. It is built in the typical manner of an early case-piece with dovetailed construction throughout, hand planed moldings and mitred ogee bracket feet. Not only is this great practice for period hand tool construction, it’s also a practical little chest that is small enough to live on a bookshelf, as ours does.

Materials- walnut, with pine secondary wood. All materials are provided and sized where practical.

Small Chest of Draws

Tool List

  • 1/2″ bevel edge chisel
  • Low angle block plane such as Stanley 60 ½ or equivalent
  • Dovetail saw such as Lie-Nielsen
  • Marking gauge
  • 12″ try square
  • Smoothing plane such as Stanley no.3, 4 or 4 ½, or modern equivalent
  • Scraper blades: Lie-Nielsen makes a nice set of two, one thinner than the other.

10% Off Lie-Nielsen Tools

Lie-Nielsen will give a 10% discount on any tools purchased by students for a class. This only applies to tools they make, not other brands that they carry.

Class Information

Due to the recent pandemic I ask that all students be vaccinated in order to protect the health of all.

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Class Schedule

June 13 – June 17, 2022
8:00am – 5:30pm
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