Salem Lowboy

This small lowboy or dressing table with a shell draw is a great joinery project in an elegant package.
September 28 – October 2, 2020

The unusual sharp-cornered legs and knee blocks along with the simple compass-designed skirts give it a distinctive New England look. Simple enough to get the bulk of the work done in a week, this nice little piece provides some practical storage space without taking up too many square feet in the house.

Salem Lowboy

All materials except hardware and some secondary wood are included in the class. Major parts will be milled, sized and rough bandsawn to shape. The class time will be spent fitting and pinning mortises and tenons, shaping legs, carving the shell, dovetailing draws, molding the top and shaping the skirts and draw fronts. Finish surfaces will be hand planed.

Primary wood: cherry
Secondary wood: pine
Dimensions: 20D x 31W x 30H case size
(full size plan included)

Tool List

  • Dovetail saw

  • 5/8 and 5/16 bevel edge chisels
  • Low angle block plane
  • Marking gauge

  • Spokeshave
  • #49 or 50 rasp
  • Compass
  • Scraper blades: one thick and one thin- Lie-Nielsen sells a pair like this.
  • Carving tools: all straight gouges 8-16, 3-30, 9-10, 9-5

Class Information

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Class Schedule

September 28 – October 2, 2020
8:00am – 5:30pm
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