Philadelphia Piecrust Table Plan


If you want to create a really impressive bit of spectacular design and carving, and you’ve got some time to spend on it, this is well worth the effort. A copy of one of the most elaborate of these tables to come on the market, it showcases the work of the “Garvan Carver” in its over-the-top Rococo carving on the legs and pillar, as well as a nicely modeled one board top with an ogee and rosette border. The top spins and tips on a birdcage support. As my wife commented one morning while we were eating breakfast at it: “This is a pretty fancy table.” Indeed.

Dimensions: 29½″H x 35½″ diameter
Skill Level: Advanced

Above dimensions are approximate within ¼″. Plans are full size and have been drawn from original pieces, not from photographs. Plans are shipped rolled.