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Ball and Claw Foot Carving

The iconic element of American period furniture in Philadelphia, Boston and Newport styles

The ball and claw foot is an iconic element of American period furniture that needlessly strikes fear into aspiring woodworkers who are tackling it for the first time. So many of the best tables, chairs and chests have them that you’ll want to learn the best methods and tools needed to efficiently create these striking feet. Take advantage of my experience carving dozens of them in various styles to really nail down your method, build a jig to speed up your work, customize a few tools and add those subtle details that make all the difference. We’ll work on Philadelphia, Boston and Newport feet in this five day class so you can understand the similarities and differences between these major colonial furniture making centers.

Ball and Claw Foot Carving Class

Tool List

  • 1-3, 1s5 skew
  • 3-10, *3-12, 3-12 fishtail, 3-16, 3-20, 3-25, 3-30
  • *5-12, 5-14, 5-20, 25-20 backbent, 5-25, 5-35
  • 25-6 backbent, 7-8, *7-10, 25-10 backbent, 7-16, 25-13 backbent, 7-20
  • 8-13, 8-16
  • *9-10
  • *11-3, 11-7, 11-10
  • *12-8 v-tool
  • Henry Taylor 37 backbent
* indicates availability as an intermediate size. I recommend these as they are easier to use and cost less.

Class Schedule

5-day course  |  8:00am – 5:30pm

June 11 – June 15, 2018

($300 deposit due to register)
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